Regenerative Medicine

“Regenerate a healthier more youthful you”

Regenerative medicine focuses on repairing damaged cells and tissues.

Skin cells can be damaged by:

  • unprotected sun exposure
  • environmental factors
  • lifestyle and diet
  • genetics

At WH Wellness and Health we can treat the damage and  restore the skin back  to a more youthful stage.

Using our Sciton laser and light treatments – healthy skin cells can be regenerated.

The BBL (broad band light)  treatment has been scientifically proven to return skin to a younger state.  Dr. Patrick Bitter.

Sciton the laser/light of youth.

Not only can the outside of you be regenerated optimally but also the inside, for example – by evaluating your HGH – human growth hormone.

When this hormone is optimized it aids in the body regenerating cells at a more youthful rate.  It is one of the keys to reducing the aging process and promoting a healthier body.